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Helpful Recommendations for Watching Services Online

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Mask Making With Debbie Underwood and Ann Bock

Contact Debbie Underwood at 901-486-4199 or dkunderwood1953@gmail.com and Ann Bock 901-800-7014 or ann.c.bock@hotmail.com

Update about Heartsong Children's Ministry - March 19,2020

Heartsong Children’s Ministry will be meeting together on Facebook every day while we can’t meet in person!

Sunday Mornings: Worship together as a family! Join other Heartsongers on the Heartsong Church Facebook page as we live-stream the 9am Celebration!

Monday at 10 am on the Heartsong Children’s Ministry Facebook Page: Join Jenny for a new lesson from our current series. We will be able to chat in the comments!

Tuesday at 10 am on the Heartsong Children’s Ministry Facebook Page: Special PreK story time followed by an activity for all ages.

Wednesday at 10 am on the Heartsong Children’s Ministry Facebook Page: Worship and dance videos!

Thursday at 10 am on the Heartsong Children’s Ministry Facebook Page: Join Jenny for a LIVE streaming Craft OR activity. You can expect a delivery with the supplies needed for the craft or activity!

Friday at 10 am on the Heartsong Children’s Ministry Facebook Page: Silliness (You never know what might happen)

Saturday at 10 am on the Heartsong Children’s Ministry Facebook Page: PreK lesson from our Sunday morning lesson series.

You will be getting emails from Jenny with activities and discussion questions from our lessons. 

If you aren’t sure if Jenny has your email, email her at jwilliams@heartsongchurch.net so you can get all the goodies coming your way!

Update about Heartsong Student Ministries - March 19,2020

During this time Heartsong Student Ministries is not hosting programming or meetings here at the church, we are still committed to supporting the faith life of teenagers!

We've organized our week around pursuing the values we believe will help us stay connected to each other and a God that is bigger than the space in-between us. 

Here is how we plan to connect with youth throughout the week. 

Sunday - Live Stream Worship Services: We're live streaming the our weekly Celebration, shared to our Heartsong Student Ministries Facebook page, every week! We encourage you to worship as a family during this new season!

Monday & Wednesday Mornings - Instagram Live Devotional: We’ll be going live on Instagram (@heartsongstudentmin) every Monday and Wednesday around 9:30am for about 10 minutes for a devotional and check in!

Wednesday - Facebook Live Parent Check-in: We will also be going live on Facebook every Wednesday at 12:15pm for a parent update and check in, where we'll talk about what we're going to be doing that week, how we'll be in contact with your kids and asking what y'all need!

Tuesday - (Virtual) The Bible Project: Our Sunday morning group has been using The Bible Project videos as a guide to bible study. Tuesday mornings at 11am! We will post a video, and possibly a Zoom Call (more will be shared about how to Zoom) and continue our study. 

Thursday - GameTime: We will be hosting some kind of virtual game (it will vary every week) that will be open for all our teenagers to participate in.

Friday - Weekend Challenge: On Fridays we'll post some sort of challenge that will provide ideas for how your teenagers can serve or give in some way!

for more information contact Nick Guerra - nguerra@heartsongchurch.net

Update about Great Adventure Childcare - March 19,2020

The Department of Human Services, which regulates and licenses all Childcare Centers in Tennessee, is currently allowing centers to remain open to the public in order to help provide working families options in meeting their essential work and family obligations.  

Great Adventure Childcare (GAC) has made the decision to stay open in order to provide needed care for our families, while taking extra health and safety precautions to minimize the spread of any virus or germs. DHS is closely monitoring the Childcare situation for Tennessee, and we will comply with their recommendations as the current COVID-19 situation develops.  

At this time, GAC has: 

- Altered gym schedules to reduce group sizes

- Put a hold on GAC tours

- Greatly limited access to our hallways and classrooms

- Greatly increased the cleaning and sanitizing schedule of rooms and materials

- Made proper hand-washing a top priority for ALL present  

Pastor Chris Update Video - March 18, 2020

Pastor Chris Eaves updated about Heartsong Online

COVID-19 Update – March 17, 2020

The Lord’s peace is with you! For Jesus and his love are with you wherever you go! 

On Sunday, we announced that Heartsong will not gather for Celebrations or any church-related gatherings this coming Sunday, March 22. However, we will be Live-streaming the Celebration at 11:15am on the Heartsong Church Facebook page (with only the Production Team present). 

Out of an abundance of caution, we have canceled all activities at the church through March 28, with the exception of Great Adventure Childcare and the Wednesday night AA & Al-Anon meetings (which are taking extreme precautions). 


We want to be clear and upfront with you, we believe this may extend longer than this Sunday, but we’re working diligently to ensure that “social distancing” doesn't lead to “spiritual distancing.” We affirm taking action to help curb any and all potential spreading of the virus, but know that you and your family need the loving and caring community the Church provides. 

In the coming days, we’ll continue to keep you informed with updates. We’re putting together a very detailed list, letting you know how you'll be able to connect throughout the week with our Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Bible studies, Prayer, and Mission & Groups. 

The Church has thrived throughout history when faced with extra-ordinary circumstances, and we believe that will be evident and true, now more than ever! 

What can you do in the meantime? 
- Commit to joining us Sunday Morning at 9am to Celebrate during our FB Live-stream. 
- Reach out to your Small Group Leader, comfort one another, and check on your neighbors. Isolation does not have to be part of the equation. 
- Pray. When fear and frustration pop up, that is a great indicator to connect with God! 
- Check here (Heartsongchurch.net & the Heartsong Church Facebook page) for updates coming soon. 

Be practical and prayerful during this time, know that the Lord is with you, and strive to be a witness to his love and peace – the world needs both right now from us.

Grace and Peace, 
Heartsong Staff