Virtue Quest

Virtue Quest was founded by Heartsong Church in 2011 to help meet the needs of our nearby elementary school, Macon-Hall. Our relationship started when we shared a virtue based curriculum, Core Essentials, which is now taught throughout the school. As our relationship has developed, we’ve been given the opportunity to serve in additional areas within the school and assist Macon Hall families. We’re thrilled to come alongside a public school in such a unique and meaningful way and are committed to strengthening our community. Also, check out our webpage at virtue


Having a consistent, caring, adult influence can change the course of a child’s future. It is a fact that children from unstable homes struggle both socially and educationally. A mentor is a positive role model who helps young people achieve their potential and discover their strengths. Mentoring can take many forms, from traditional one on one mentoring, to team mentoring. Virtue Quest currently mentoring at Macon-Hall Elementary, Mt. Pisgah Middle, Cordova Middle and Booker T. Washington. If you're interested in learning more about becoming a mentor contact Jessica Earnest at

Virtue Quest Readers 

Each month a member of our volunteer reading team shares a book that is selected by Macon-Hall's administration that demonstrates that month's virtue with the kindergarten through third grade classrooms. Each book demonstrated that month's virtue. Adults who can spend 20 minutes, once a month are always needed on our team! 


The month long activities for each virtue are concluded with a live performance for all 1200 children featuring actors, singers and the recognition of students who teachers have caught “living out” the virtue. Our performance team consists of successful professionals, stay at home parents, retired grandparents and teens who use their gifts of speaking, singing and technical knowledge a couple of hours each month to invest in our children. The children absolutely love these performances, as do the teachers and our Virtue Quest


Academic Mentoring

Free tutoring in math and reading will be available for students in kindergarten through third grade who have been referred by Macon-Hall Elementary.  

If you are interested in learning more about our live performances, becoming a mentor, tutoring or being a Virtue Quest Reader, please contact Jessica Earnest at