Heartsong's Story

     Heartsong was born from a vision that began to grow in the fall of 1996. The Lord began to stir up a vision for a church that would take as their mission, reaching out to people who do not have a relationship of love and trust with Jesus, meeting them wherever they are in life, and helping them find their way. It would be a place that sang the songs, reflected the images and spoke the language of the current culture. This new United Methodist Church would be open to any and every kind of person, without regard for whatever might be a barrier between them and others, and that celebrated and taught the Way of Jesus to love God, our neighbors & ourselves, in every situation, at all costs.

     The vision was cast among many people, and in January of 1998, 35 people formed two small groups for bible study and prayer, and began worship celebrations on Sundays at St. Benedict Catholic School on Germantown Road in Cordova, TN. On May 17, 1998, this new work was chartered as Heartsong UM Church with 62 members. Land was bought, a first building completed, and on the first Sunday of December 2002, Heartsong moved into the first building on 30 acres at the corner of Houston Levee and Humphrey Roads. The church building was completed in two additional building projects, all funded by the partners of Heartsong. Heartsong currently averages 200 in Sunday Celebrations in-person and online, has a strong small group community (and regularly starts new ones), is home to mission teams offering the love of Jesus to those in various kinds of need, has an amazing relationship with the people of the Memphis Islamic Center across the street, and is proud of the work of our Great Adventure Childcare which annually receives the highest award for excellence the state of Tennessee offers.