Life is better with others!


8:30AM Groups

  • Men's Fight Club
  • Heartsong's Women of Grace
  • Faith in Practice w/Pastor Chris

Wherever you are in your journey to know Jesus, Heartsong has something to help you grow deeper. Our Sunday morning classes are available during both our Celebrations and are a great place to find support, encouragement and even make a friend, all while going deeper into God's word.

Small Groups

God's intention for your life is that you would have an extraordinary life. Jesus came so that we could have a rich and satisfying life. So what's keeping you from yours? Could it be that you're trying to do it on your own? When we partner with others, who love us and help us to grow, we step in the right direction towards that life. That's what happens in groups at Heartsong! If you want to get more out of life and more out of your relationship with Jesus, get into a group! 

For more information on Small Groups, contact Chris Eaves,

Each of these groups meet in different areas at different times! 

Small Groups don’t start all by themselves. If you can’t find something that connects with you, or you have a desire to make something happen, give us a call! We'd love to help you start something new.