What we Believe

What makes us a particular and even peculiar tribe of Jesus followers is what we share as fundamental to our beliefs. The scope of what binds this church together is found in the historic creeds of the United Methodist Church (Apostle's, Nicene, etc.). But more specifically for Heartsong, it is our God-given, Jesus-blessed, and Spirit-inspired reason for being and our Bedrock Beliefs that make us and keep us Heartsong.


  - Reaching out to the Unreached

     - Growing Jesus followers

        - Changing our World!


  - God planned each of us to be one in a zillion.

  - God is love and only wants love for us and from us.

  - Jesus meets us where we are and leads us

      to where we need to grow.

  - Living what Jesus teaches makes life work.

  - I can do all things through Jesus who strengthens me.

Who We Are

Who we are is grounded on who we follow, it's Jesus. There are no rules or regulations alone that we can follow that will give you the life you were intended to live. We are each created to be one in a zillion. There is no other you, and there never will be. We encourage everyone to live into their own one in a zillion life, and the only way to truly do that is by living your life Jesus' way. This way isn't about religion. We define religion as rules and regulations set up to control the behavior of people. Jesus wants to lead you on an adventure of a lifetime, and by following him into life you recover the real you, and the real life you were intended to have, by God.